Wednesday, December 22, 2010

NICU Follow-up Clinic

We spent yesterday at Vanderbilt for an appointment with the NICU follow up clinic. They see them at 6, 12 and 24 months. We were excited to go and see what progress Cohen has made since the 6 month visit.

WE WERE THRILLED WITH THE RESULTS! His upper extremities AND cognitive testing was 12 months PLUS! His lower body was 6 months. (We expected this since the issues with his feet and legs)

He waved and shook his head like no, no, no at the doctor. She was super positive and thought he was doing wonderful. The visit really lifted our spirits and made us feel so excited. Justin and I both knew he has really come a long way, but its nice to hear it from a professional that specializes in this field.

We also took the books to Vanderbilt and blankets to Baptist. We got to see lots of special doctors and nurses. I took several pics to show you all! I also got to visit a friends special little boy in the NICU. It was so awesome to see him in person.

We also met up with Emma Claire and her crazy mommy and daddy! That is always a fun time!
This is Cohen's favorite Vandy night nurse Kaitie. She held Cohen all night long in the hospital and spoiled him, but we still love her dearly!
 A, Em and me with EC and CoCo
 Stacy with her babies
 Dr. Haynes with Em and babies

 The boys.
 Stacy and her buddies
 Girls! (and Cohen!)

 EC was not happy....for a minute!

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