Sunday, December 12, 2010


I like the word grateful. I like the way it sounds and the way it feels. I am feeling overwhelmed with it today for small things. Watching the snow pile up outside, spending time with my kids, just being home and being a family.

All day my heart has felt heavy and unbalanced for the McGregor family.  I know many of you have been following the story of baby Thomas over the past weeks, and are just as sad I am. It is such a hard time of year and I just cant imagine what the past days have been like for them.

Somedays I forget how blessed I am. On days when the boys are fussing and I am tired, I forget what a precious gift I have been given. I am not perfect, nor am I a super-mom. I wish I was, but that's just not me.

Most days, I gain perspective (at least at some point) and can laugh at myself and my life. Everyday, I am thankful for the people I have met this year. For the little boy that I am lucky enough to hold and love everyday. For the beautiful daughter God gave me 11 years ago. For the Christmas at HOME this year with family and friends.

Sorry to be so sappy and sad, but that is just my heart today. Please pray for the McGregors and the journey they now face.

I love you all, and I am thankful God has placed you in my life. No matter if your part is big or small, I am grateful.

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