Thursday, December 16, 2010

Birthday Books, Blankets and Blessings!

In honor of Cohen's 1st birthday, we took donations for Baptist NICU for Christmas. Last year, Cohen received some really special gifts from former patients. It was so sweet to read him a book donated by a grateful NICU family from years past. He also has many special ornaments made by the nurses at Baptist. It was so fun to put them up this year.

Vanderbilt NICU nurses do a "blanket drive" annually so they can fix the babies cribs all cute and matchy matchy. It always lifted my spirits when Cohen has matching clean and cute sheets and blankets everyday when I came in. We brought many sets, but when you are there for 100+ days and use 3-4 everyday, it becomes difficult.

So, after the party, we decided we would take the donated books and blankets to both NICU units. Especially since we have so many little friends staying at Vandy right now. I can't wait to shower those babies with gifts!!!! I am taking them early next week.

Here are some pics of all the donated "loot". Thank you so much to all our family and friends for the books and blankets. I shed so many tears going through them all. I read Cohen about 20 of the books!

A friend made some precious book labels to add to them. Thanks Marcie! I love you.

One special note read "All babies are miracles---some just keep God working overtime." I loved that. So true in so many cases. Please continue to pray for Cohen, and so many little babies that God is working overtime for. Christmas in the hospital is a blessing. I am so happy we could do this!