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Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1st/ Vandy Appointments

Cohen had a couple of appointments at Vanderbilt today. First we had a follow-up appointment with the ophthalmology specialist, to check his eyes. They dilated him and looked to make sure his eyes had developed correctly since the last check (he was just a few weeks old then). The doctor said they looked perfect! We are extremely relieved and grateful for a good report. Preemies are at risk for lots of eye related issues, so we are glad this is one area we don't have to worry about.

Our next appointment was with pediatric surgery, for a check of his G tube. Of all the specialist we see, this group is one of my favorites. If you remember, this is the nursing staff that waited over an hour past office hours when Cohen's tube flew out our 2nd night home=) They are so sweet. Most of the visit was spent with them holding, cuddling, and playing with him---they also were crazy for his big red cast!!! He laughed and smiled and really showed off for them. They thought his G tube looked great, and didn't need changed out for another month or so. Since we got the new "mini" button a few weeks ago we have had zero trouble with this---truly a blessing!

This has been the best day of appointments we have had. All good news!

Every time we walk through the doors at Vandy I am reminded of how lucky we are to have Cohen with us. I am so thankful to be taking him for a short visit instead of going to visit him in his room. God is so good.

Here is a silly pic of Cohen after his eyes were dilated-----he actually LOVED wearing these!

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