Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quick Update

Just wanted to give a quick update about Cohen's week.

This is the first week since he has been home that we don't have a Vanderbilt appointment! (I have been hesitant to mention this, didn't want to jinx us!) He does, however have lots of other things going on---

We have a TEIS (Tennessee Early Intervention Service) teacher coming out this morning to start working with him from a cognitive standpoint.

Then, we are going to Special Kids this afternoon for a physical therapy session. ( I am taking all the kids with me, so this should be interesting!)

Nurses for Newborns also came earlier in the week to do his weekly check. He is doing great!

I am also still looking for Cohen sturdy shoes for his brace, I have had no luck yet!

We have a visit planned with a very special person on Friday =), I will do a post on that after the fact.

On a less exciting note, I have a 2 hour dentist appointment scheduled later in the week. Needless to say, I would rather be doing almost anything else!!!!! I am such a baby about the dentist!

Hope you all are having a great week! Love to you and yours!


  1. Christin,

    I am going to go ahead and apologize after the fact. I showed off your blog today to my new primary who is going for a g-tube tomorrow. After a month a futzing around, the decision was made and surgery was scheduled for the next day (typical NICU of course!) and mom was very nervous and had lots of questions. After lots of explaining, I could tell that I needed a visual, so I used the pictures of Cohen's new G-tube, plus she could see just how CUTE he is in that naked baby picture, G-tube and all :) Hope that was ok with you, but I figured that this was out there for all to meet Cohen and learn from your familiy's journey and I know that seeing a kid and family who are over the hump and home and thriving is always an uplifting thing for NICU parents. So happy that your whole family is doing well!

  2. Kaitie----Of course that is ok! Anytime you need to do that, no problem! Feel free to give her my email if she would like a friend to talk to about it=)

    Our doctor at Baptist set me up with a former NICU mom that's little girl has a G tube, before our surgery and it really helped me alot. You know how skeptical I was about it!!!!

    I laugh at Cohen's naked baby picture everytime I see it...I was still a little scared of the G tube at that point, and you can tell that by the over abundance of tape he has on!!!

    You are such a WONDERFUL nurse and I know you are making this time easier for them. We love you!

  3. Oh my gosh, I just came across your blog and your baby boy is too cute. I love the main picture on your blog. It is too sweet for words. I hope you don't mind, but I am going to go back and read your prior posts. I had BG twins at 28 weeks. They are 2 and 1/2 now. I didn't start their blog until they were 18 months. I wish I had when they were born. The memories will never be forgotton, but the details are.

  4. I really wish I would have found your blog from the beginning. Bless your heart. there were so many posts that I would have loved to commented on. Your litte baby boy has gone though so much ,but by looking at him you would never know. He looks awesome. I look forward to reading even more posts about your precious miracle. I am glad I came across your blog and EC's both are a joy to read.

    Your daughter is beautiful and your older son is adorable. I love his red hair!