Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A much better March 1st!

It dawned on me this morning that 1 year ago today Cohen was transported to Vanderbilt Children's hospital from Baptist. You can read about it here .

That day was a very stressful, scary day, and  we were so worried about our little man. I cried as I read the blog from last year, and especially when I read the comment from Emily.

March 1st has redeemed itself this year for Cohen and myself! Hope all of you have had a wonderful start to March as well!

This sign was the first thing I noticed 1 year ago when I walked into Cohen's new home at Vanderbilt. Those that know me well know how crazy this drove me! (PLEASE NOTE THE SPELLING IN THE PIC!) The next is Cohen on 3-1-10, after settling in at VCH.


  1. This is to many more great March 1st's!

    ps-the welcome sign would have freaked me out a little bit too! It is the name by all means! ;-)

  2. we love you guys and how wonderful it is to be on the 'other' side of the mountain. most days i just stare at EC when i put her to bed and i know just how lucky we all are.

    i know we all have things to overcome, but man how we are in such a better place. i'll never forget moving day and y'all leaving in such a rush...i think the thing that makes me laugh is you not wanting to bring easter decor to big B, b/c C was not going to celebrate yet another holiday in the hospital! love ya!