Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blog Award

My friend Emily gave me a sweet blog award. Thank you Em, for loving me even when I am a bad blogger and for all the phone calls telling me to get off my butt and blog. I love you too!

Now, part of the deal with this award, is I tell 7 things about myself and my blog, then pass the award onto other blogs that I read and hold special to my heart, and tell about them as well.

1. I started this blog in December 2009, while admitted to the hospital to "wait" on my son Cohen to be born. I thought it would be a good way to update our family and friends on baby Cohen's progress.
2. I love the blog world, and I love, love, reading everyone's stories and experiences.
3. I have 3 kids. Calee, 11, Ames, 2, Cohen, 1.
4. My brother and sister in law are making me an AUNT this Friday!
5. Reading is my favorite hobby, I can usually read 3-4 books a week.
6. I am a Mama's girl. I call my Mom for anything and everything!
7.  I am struggling to think of another one. I like cheese. There ya go!

BLOG AWARDS---In random order!!!!!!!

 The Stribling Family----Mandy's blog was one of the first I ever read. We didn't really know each other, except through our mother's who are great friends. We were pregnant at the same time and I even got to see her adorable babies at the hospital when I was visiting Cohen in the NICU. I actually ran into her mom in the hallway and totally bombarded poor Mandy. She was totally sweet and gracious and we have kept in touch ever since! She is a SUPER mom!!! I love keeping up with Josh and Jules. I also just LOVE Mandy's sense of humor.
 The McGregor Clan-----This blog is near and dear to my heart, as to many of yours. Janna and her family are truly amazing people, and they have been through so much this year. One of the most honest and down to earth blogs I have ever read.
 Baby Bennett-----I met Adrienne through a mutual friend, and I am so happy I did. The story of this family is not to be missed. They are such wonderful parents to 4 AWESOME kiddos.
 The Bolden's-----Scott and Lacey are friends of our family. Scott was actually my daughters 1st grade teacher. I have loved being able to follow baby Max and I love Lacey's sense of humor and personality!
 Mary Farris------Mary Farris' mom Kim and I were connected through one of the fantastic NICU doctors at Baptist. Mary Farris also has a G tube and Kim is and always has been my "go to" phone call when I need G tube advice or info! They are an awesome family!!
 Life with a Little Legg--------Allison and I were hooked up through a mutual friend, when her precious little Mallie Rae was born premature. This was right around the time when Cohen came home. Mallie Rae has done so well and I have loved getting to follow her story as well.
Combat Boots and Diapers-----I know Kerri from church. She moved across the country with her husband who is in the military and had baby Ivan. I lived across the country from my family when Calee was born, so I always feel a little connected to her! Kerri is super smart and witty and I love keeping up with them.
Two Shake's of a Lamb's Tail----Jodi is a friend of mine. She is also the MOST detailed of all my blogger friends! She is never without her camera. I love reading this blog and watching her 2 little redheads grow.
A Few Good Marler's---Courtney was my family photographer before she moved far away! She and I became fast friends from the beginning! We totally hit it off. She is one of the most talented people I know. In SO many facets. Unbelievable!
Sweetie Cakes Bakery----Sue Wade is a NICU nurse we met during Cohen's stay. She is also an amazing baker and all around talented person. I should introduce Sue and Courtney. I think they could run the world! LOVE reading her blog and being inspired to cook and bake. Her shortbread is the best thing I have ever eaten. Seriously!
Ann Haley's Caring Bridge-----This is usually the first blog I check everyday. My dear friend Ann. If you are not a reader you will quickly become one. She doesn't post as much as she once did, which is a good thing. She is totally inspiring and utterly amazing. This journal is always a gift to me. I love you Ann!

I could name at least 20 more blogs I read. But I know you all don't have all day! Thanks again Emily! This was fun!

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