Thursday, October 7, 2010

ENT Update

Our wireless router has been on the blink, so I haven't been able to update for a few days!

 We went to Vanderbilt to see our ENT specialist on Tuesday. He ran a scope down Cohen's throat and saw that the left vocal cord is still not moving. We were disappointed, but not really surprised. He also felt like he is still having "pools" of secretions in the back of his throat, that are causing his voice box to be irritated and swollen.

We went armed with a huge list of questions. I really trust our ENT, and we wanted to get his opinion on several things. I guess my biggest concern is ruling out Cohen getting a trach (tracheotomy). Unfortunately, he feels like we are not completely out of the woods on this yet. He also feels we need to go back in and look further down the throat, to see if Cohen's airway has grown.

So, we are going ahead and scheduling a broncoscopy for next month. The orthopedic surgeon is also going to go in and clip his heel cord at the same time. Hopefully the bronc will show great growth, and we can throw the trach idea out the window!!!!

The ENT said he felt like keeping Cohen healthy is the most important thing right I guess he will go back on house arrest!

Of course, since this appointment, Cohen has developed a terrible cough. He coughed non stop Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I took him and Ames both to see our pediatrician this morning. Ames has been congested and feeling icky the last couple of days also.

GREAT NEWS! They did a chest X-ray on Cohen and it was perfect! No pneumonia! This is the first clear chest X-ray he has ever had, so I was so relieved. I am so glad to know he can fight off a little cold and be ok. The doctor today said he felt like this spoke volumes about how far his lungs have come.

Ames also just has a little cold, and is doing fine. His first cold and runny nose in over a year! Taking both of them to the doctor is really something-----Cohen laughs and smiles at the doctor, doesn't care a bit for him to look down his throat and in his ears. Ames, on the other hand, screams the minute the doctor steps in the room! You would think it would be the opposite!

We are hoping for a better nights sleep tonight! We have a big weekend up ahead. Friday is Aunt Amy's birthday, then Saturday is Calee's 11th B-day and Justin and my anniversary. Cal also has a performance Saturday at a festival here in the Boro.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers for Cohen. He is doing so well, and I know he will overcome all of this......I just hope it's sooner than later!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Love and Hugs from the Bryant's!

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