Thursday, June 23, 2011

7 days later.....

7 days after surgery I feel like we are starting to see glimpses of our boy again. During the day he has several happy hours of play, on and off. Then at night it seems to turn all "off". He is miserable to say the least. I can only imagine how hard it is to get comfortable with those big heavy casts on.

We are trying to keep him cool and dry, so he will itch as little as possible. He continues to run some low grade temps every day or two, which is still a mystery. The surgeon's office said unless the really high it may just be a coincidence. I do feel like he has a little cold to go along with this.

All that said, our sweet church family sent a balloon bouquet to Cohen. It has provided Cohen and Ames hours upon hours of laughing and playing. It's like their own little mini carnival. It has been the perfect distraction!!!

I snapped a few pics of them playing....BTW, I never leave them unattended with the balloons, I know they could easily get tangled up=)

Please ignore the sea of toy clutter...this is an everyday occurrence at our house!

Ames loves the balloons too!

Sweet baby

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