Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cohen Update

So many things have come up in the last couple of weeks since my last post....I am not sure where to start!

I mentioned he was running a mysterious, low grade fever. Basically, the fever just continued on and he ended up with a bunch of congestion and a terrible cough. No matter what we did the fever would not go away. About 10 days ago we noticed he had a spot on the back of his neck, it looked like a tape burn or possibly a bib that rubbed.

It went from a tiny spot to a huge half dollar size by the next day. Then spread to 4 more spots on his back and neck. Turns out, he has a staph infection! Also double ear infections and a unbelievably terrible diaper rash from all the side effects from the antibiotic shots!

We have had a standing appointment at the doctors office everyday for 6 days, with a few more to go. He is getting injections for the staph and cream 3x a day. It looks SO much better. I would post some pictures, but I don't want to risk that someone might be trying to eat while reading this. It is really just to darn gross to post.

The funny part is I have over 100 pictures of it! The doctors wanted us to document the changes but taking pics and drawing around the spots in sharpie. Poor Cohen looked so pitiful with all those marks, plus the casts!

I do feel like we are finally on the up side of this. He has slept way better the last 2 nights and is somewhat happier. I know the poor guy has been so miserable. He has gone days without even a smile. So unlike him.

We go to Vandy tomorrow for a cast change. I will be so glad to see what his feet look like post surgery and have new clean casts!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!!!!!

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