Monday, June 20, 2011

Cohen is home!

Sorry for the delayed post! Seems like once you bring them home there is much less computer time=)

He is doing so much better. Still having a little pain (we think) and getting used to these monster cast. He also spiked a fever in the night last night and freaked us out some. We will probably have the doctor look at him to make sure we aren't having a start of infection or anything else.

I will post some pics soon! Thank you all for the support and love! We are so grateful to you all. Now, if we can all just get some sleep=)

BTW-----Calee left at 7 am this morning for 4-H camp. I will miss her so much this week and so will the boys. Say an extra prayer for her safety and that she has a blessed and wonderful experience! Thanks again.

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