Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The older I get the more I love a routine! The last few weeks have been full of crazy schedules. Christmas, Florida trip, 6 day hospital stay and then 8 inches of snow and a week off school to top it off!

Today we finally got Calee off to school, Ames to Mother's Day out, and Cohen to his physical therapy appointment. It was nice to be back in the old schedule!

So Cohen's 1 night in the hospital turned into 5 nights. We were sent home on Saturday just in time to get snowed in for several days. We had a great experience at our local hospital and it was so much easier to be close by. Our doctor is so amazing and he made sure CoCo was really well before he sent him home.

I would say he is almost back to normal now. Hardly any cough and congestion left. I would also say I have learned my lesson and we are keeping our tails at home as much as we can! I had gotten pretty brave about taking him out, and it caught up with him pretty quickly.

I also wanted to wish our buddy Emma Claire Warren a Happy, Happy 1st Birthday. We love you!

AND GUESS WHAT SWEET LITTLE BOY WENT HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL AFTER 6 1/2 MONTHS???? Yep, Baby Bennett is home where he belongs! Congrats to his awesome family!

I promise to update more with pics! Love to you all!


  1. So glad to read Cohen is feeling better! God is so very good! Take care!

  2. Glad Cohen is better, and SO GLAD Bennett is home!