Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Never a Dull Moment......

We got home from our awesome Disney vacation on Sunday. That night Cohen was still coughing and had some congestion, so I just thought I would run him by our primary doctor's office the next morning to listen to him and make sure it was still just a cold.

Turns out, it had gone into pneumonia. He admitted Cohen yesterday morning (Monday) and he seems a little better. They are doing a "blow by" oxygen on him and he has IV antibiotics and steroids going. His oxygen saturation's at night have been pretty low. All the way down to 70. Averaging about 80. That is the main reason we are still here.

I had already forgotten how crazy hospital life is. I am super thankful he is here and doing ok.

Now, for the humor in all this. We are at a brand new hospital. The crib is literally an 8 foot tall cage. We have laughed so hard at Cohen. He sticks his head in the bars and chews on them. He loves it. And yes, I have pictures! They are fuzzy, taken with my cell phone.
 Here ya go-------we are going to try and buy one of these cage cribs for Ames too!!! LOL

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