Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 16th

It has been a great weekend! My mom, Lulu, came to visit and help us with Cohen. It has been wonderful to have some extra hands. She even babysat him so the rest of us could go to church together this morning! It was so nice for Justin and I to be able to go somewhere together. I think the hardest part of keeping Cohen at home all the time is Justin and I split up to take Ames and Calee where they need to be----we aren't used to that! Cohen has loved all his "Lulu" time!

Here are some pics we took this afternoon....I am so excited Cohen can now wear this outfit my friend Sara got him. It's one of my favorites! I think green might be his color!


  1.!!! he is getting so big and cute! love the outfit and i believe green is his color.