Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter with the Boys

It was a strange Easter for me! Calee is in Washington D.C. with my mom (LuLu) for the White House Egg Roll. I am so excited for them, but really missed spending Easter weekend with her! This is the first Easter she has ever spent away from me! I will post all the pictures from their trip this week. I know they have had a great time.

We didn't take Cohen to church, he is still battling a cough and runny nose. I just didn't want to chance him catching anything while his immune system is still so weak. I did dress him in his cute Easter outfit, and take some pictures of the boys. Ames wore this outfit 2 Easter's ago. I love seeing both the boys wear outfits, I think it is just so sweet!

Hope you all had a blessed Easter!

Cohen's first Easter in the NICU! So happy to have him home this year!

One year later=) Such a big boy!

Cohen is giving Ames a "love pat" They will not look at the camera lately!

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