Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cohen the Pest.....

I realized yesterday that Cohen has become the "pesky" little brother. Ames has held the title for quite some time, but now Cohen has definitely taken over.

He can scoot on his bottom and army crawl pretty fast now, so he makes a quick beeline to whatever or whoever he wants. He has Doppler radar on Ames' sippy cups. Every time I look up he has one in hand turning it up! Poor little guy wants to drink so badly. Hopefully that will happen soon, but that is a while other subject!

He also loves his walker and can really, really, move fast with it. He loves to pull up beside the kitchen drawers and pull out all the dish towels. Don't let him near a laundry basket! It will be scattered all over the house.

Last night, Calee and Ames were in her bed watching the movie Tangled. Cohen kept rolling into her room and blocking the T.V. He was doing his "attention yell" at them and disrupting the movie. Calee told me "Cohen is such a nuisance tonight!" So then Ames would copycat and say "Cohen is a nunsun". It was so funny.

I have a feeling this "pesky" little man is just going to be more and more into things! I LOVE it!
He stands up on one foot and pulls up on furniture

Eating some puffs! YAY!

His favorite dish towel drawer. He also opens the bottom freezer!

He's so cute you can hardly tell him NO!

In his rolling ride!

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