Thursday, September 23, 2010

9 Months Old

9 months have come and gone since our precious little man made his appearance. It will be his 1st birthday before we know it. I am already planning a "Breakfast with Santa" themed party! I can't wait!

It's been a while since I have done a really detailed post about Cohen and all his info---so here we go!

Cohen is still fed 100% formula fed through the G tube. I do dip his pacifier in his milk so he can get a little taste each feeding. We did try baby food for a few days, but his lungs got super congested so our nurse advised we stop. We go back to our ENT doctor on October 5th, he will do a scope and hopefully we will see some improvement in this area. For now, we are thankful for the G tube.

Cohen is taking a 1 month break from his brace and cast. The brace never fit very well, and the cast were not improving his feet at all. The ortho doctor wants to do surgery on his left foot later this fall, to "clip" his heel cord. We are waiting to schedule this after the ENT appointment, to make sure we can coordinate with anything he might want to do as well.

Cohen's last weight check  he was just over 14 lbs! He is still wearing 3-6 month clothes. We go to our regular ped doctor this week, for his 9 month check up, so hopefully we can get more measurements.

Cohen eats every 4 hours@ 6, 10, 2. AM and PM. We had been letting him sleep through the 2 a.m. feeding, but he always wakes by 3, so we are just adding it back in. Ugh. I am hoping this part passes quickly!
He naps from 7am-9am and 1-3 pm. Usually. He is not the best napper in the world.
Cohen loves playtime! He loves floor time and all his "equipment", i.e.-the exersaucer, mirror toy, bumbo..

Cohen is almost 6 months looking at his "adjusted" age. I would say he is almost a typical 6 month old. He is soooo close to sitting up! He can do it propped in the couch or with the boppy. He can do about 10 seconds without being propped. He is really getting stronger everyday. He laughs and babbles all the time. I will be excited to go to the NICU folllowup clinic in December and see what they say.

Cohen still has his nurse that comes weekly. He goes to Physical Therapy in Murfreesboro. We also have a teacher from TEIS that comes monthly.

Cohen has been to church several times now. He also loves to get out in his stroller when Justin and I are running. I am still trying to limit his exposure, so we keep him in most of the time.

This is all I can think of for today! Let me know if you have any questions or want info that I left out!

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  1. Oh, he's so sweet and cute! So glad to hear all his improvements. If he is sitting up for 10 seconds, he will be sittin gup very soon. Once mine got the hang of houw it works, they had it down. They still wobbled and fell over, but they knew what to do. 14lbs! Jules weighs 14.5 pounds and Josh is 15.5. They are so close in size, and mine were born at 37 weeks, lol! Thats great!!