Friday, August 6, 2010

Calee's MRI Results

Calee had her MRI on Tuesday, and she was such a trooper. It took over an hour, and they had to put an I.V. of dye in her arm. They let me sit next to her and hold her leg during the test. It dawned on me as we were there that I have sat beside 2 of my children in an MRI tunnel in the last few months. I looked back at that post from Cohen's MRI and cringed at a comment I made about hoping I never saw any of my children in there again. Never say never I guess!

I was thrilled when the doctor called yesterday and gave us the results. It was perfectly normal and showed no vascular abnormalities at all!!!! As Calee said, her brain is perfect! What a relief. I know this was totally just as a precaution, but it's still nerve racking.

I am sorting through old pictures this morning, trying to get them in some sort of order. Here is sweet Calee, at 3 years old. Justin had taken us on her first camping trip. I remember it like it was yesterday---she put on his boots and thought it was sooo funny. Hard to imagine she is starting 5th grade Monday. Tear. My sweet baby girl.

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